As I look back over the Easyboot Facebook questions to you from the last few months, there are common themes in your responses.

If you could have any wish come true for 2012, what would it be?

*  More time in the saddle
*  To ride my horse on the beachRIDING ON THE BEACH
*  Compete a season of LD's with Easyboot Gloves
*  Hit the dusty trail more often

What is the single most important lesson you learned from your horse in 2012?

*  Not take him for granted, life is short – ride while you can
*  I can't live without them
*  He can go barefoot with the help of his Easyboot Gloves
*  She is a keeper, a once in a lifetime horse

Easyboot Glove
* Think outside the box in training and protective hoof boots
* Be quiet and take the time to listen to your horse

Do you have a New Year's Resolution?
Racing the Barrels
*  Ride More
*  Win another barrel racing buckle (a girl after my own heart)
*  More time in the saddle out on the trails
*  Get a pair of Easyboots
*  Make riding time a priority
*  Try out Easyboots with studs so I can ride in the snow
Easyboot Trail

What are the common themes? More time in the saddle, escape to the trail and have your horse in Easyboots.

Reminds me of some of the words in Kenny Chesney's song, Reality.

"Reality, sometimes life ain't all it's cracked up to be.
So, let's take a chance and live this fantasy
cause everybody needs to break from reality.
Where we feel that sense of freedom
Leave our worries behind, we don't need 'em
All we need is a sunny day and we'll escape realty."

Ride to Escape


Dee Reiter


Customer Service

When you call EasyCare, I’m one of the folks that will answer. I’m also one of the cowgirls in the group. (Heck no, I don’t show, I Rodeo!) When it comes to life’s adventures – never pull back on the reins, and remember: the world is best-viewed through the ears of a horse!