Submitted by Devan Mills, Customer Service Representative

I talk to many people every day and a common thing I have been hearing this spring is “It’s been raining so much I have not been able to ride.” I feel their pain as it has been raining here as well. With rain comes mud. I will be the first to admit that I hate mud: it is messy and makes everything so much more difficult. When you have horses you can multiply that mess by about 100.


EasyCare has come up with an answer to those muddy feet: the EasyCare Hoof Pick Wire Brush. When I first laid eyes on this brush I could not wait to get my hands on one. I finally have and it is awesome! When putting my Gloves on I have always used a brush to ensure there is no dirt on my mare’s feet. With all this mud, the normal brush was not getting the job done. I was scraping the mud off the sides and bottom of her hooves with my hoof pick. I would then have to put the hoof pick down and find my brush again-always as far away as possible of course. Then having put my horse’s foot down-hopefully not in the mud-get the brush, pick her foot back up, and hope I wouldn’t need the hoof pick again. You get the point, it’s involved and it’s frustrating. Yes, I do own one of those feed store hoof pick/tiny brush on the other side numbers and it is useless when up against real mud. I might as well tape a soft bristle tooth brush to the end of my regular hoof pick!

The EasyCare Hoof Pick Wire Brush has an industrial grade wire brush on one end that will remove the most caked on and stickiest of mud. With its built in heavy duty hoof pick, it is the Rolls-Royce of hoof cleaning implements. It even comes equipped with a hole in the handle to attach a leash or make it into a necklace so it will never be out of reach.

Not only will the EasyCare Hoof Pick Wire Brush help clean up feet before booting it will also help score brownie points with your hoof care practitioner. A few minutes before they arrive just clean your horse’s feet up with the wire brush and pick out their feet, you will surely be the favorite client that day. If you really love your HCP or you have that extra naughty horse this brush would make a great gift to thank them for all their hard work.

In my opinion, this is a must have in your EasyCare gear bag, it will also double as a grill brush but unless you have a grill right at your barn or in your trailer I would suggest keeping it with your boots to insure that it is always handy to clean up those dirty feet.