Submitted by Elaine McPherson, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

My horses feet are normally rock hard, a product of the arid Southern Nevada desert we live in. Trimming those rock hard feet can be a real bear and even soaking them prior to trimming doesn’t seem to help very much. The past two weeks have brought a few days of thunderstorms, soaking rain coming down in buckets and wet ground to stand on so I got pretty excited to go trim hooves while they had some real moisture in them. To my dismay both horses had thrush under their wet frogs and they were pretty tender footed. With still more rain expected I needed to find a way to start their healing process.

Out came my EasySoakers to do Oxine soaks, 20 minutes of soaking each day for all feet for the next week. Now, what to do to keep their soles and frogs semi dry for the next few days of rain? My solution, pull out my older Easyboots that have holes in the toes, wrap a newborn diaper around the hoof with the opening at the heel bulbs and wrapped over the toe so I could use the tabs to fasten them on, put the boots on and use some gorilla tape around the Velcro for insurance against the wet weather.

Believe it or not, the diapers seem to be working well to keep moisture pulled away from the frogs, no thrushy smell and the hooves are looking healthier. What do you do with your old boots?