I greet you today to demystify your choices of glue for applying the EasyShoe and Easyboot Glue-On.

EasyShoe Compete applied with EasyShoe Bond Fast Set by Derick Vaughn

1. EasyShoe Bond Fast Set

Designed for use with any of the four styles of EasyShoes, the EasyShoe Bond Fast Set adhesive allows for ample time to mix the glue (and add copper sulfate granules if required), before applying the shoe. When using the Fast Set, the user has between four and six minutes from the onset of mixing the glue in the cup before it is cured.

2. EasyShoe Bond Slow Set

Slow Set allows for ample time to prepare the shoe. The EasyShoe Bond Slow set will take approximately six to eight minutes to cure depending on the environmental temperatures.

3. Sikaflex Adhesive

Providing that couch-full-of-puppies feeling to your horse’s sole.

At EasyCare, we use Sikaflex to cushion the sole of our Glue-On boots. This added cushion to the sole has been time tested and proven by novice and expert users alike. It takes up to 12 hours to fully cure but provides added comfort to your horse in even the most arduous terrain such as the annual Tevis 100-mile event. Sika, as it is affectionately known, is always paired with the faster-setting Adhere. The slow-setting Sika is applied to the sole and reduces concussion. The faster-setting Adhere is applied to the hoof wall to keep the boot shell in place almost immediately.

4. Adhere

The cheetah in set up time, Adhere sets up quickly and allows the foot to go weight-bearing almost immediately.

For those that are fashion forward and would like the hoof color to match the glue; Adhere does come in both black and tan options. Adhere has been proven in strength and adhesive durability through its use as the primary adhesive when applying the Glue On. It is also frequently used for applying the EasyShoes allowing the applicator the ability to have fully cured and set shoes or Glue-Ons in less than two minutes, depending on environmental temperatures.

I hope that this has helped to make an educated decision on choosing the best glue for your needs. Now that you have a guide, get out their and get your glue on.

For application tips and tricks on any of the hoof protection devices in the EasyCare lineup, visit our YouTube. If you have any questions on best practices for applying glue-on EasyShoes or hoof boots, please call our customer service team at 800-447-8836.

Josh, EasyCare Customer Service Representative.