Joanne Pavlis is the owner of MileMakers, an Endurance Horse and Rider training and conditioning facility located on 800 acres of diverse Rocky Mountain terrain at 7,500 ft, in Colorado. She has been a Student of the Horse since she was seven years old and has lived in Colorado for 15 years.  After being a supporter of the boots and the barefoot concept for many years, MileMakers became an EasyCare Dealer in February 2011.

Joanne Pavlis

If you buy from MileMakers, you can expect one-on-one attention, the most current hoof and boot education; a custom boot fit for each individual hoof, access to their extensive inventory for on-the-spot delivery of product, and follow-up to ensure that both the horse and the rider are provided the ultimate boot experience.

“MileMakers is not interested in making a one-time-sale, and forgetting the customer,” said Jo when asked about her business model.  “Instead we are interested in creating a lifelong EasyCare Boot advocate who truly understands their horse’s hoof and boot requirements.” They believe in always maintaining a positive attitude and environment and they have a thirst for continuing education.

Jo attributes the evolution in the hoof boot industry to investment in research, providing cutting edge multimedia education, utilizing better product materials and construction techniques, better quality control, and excellent customer service. “We feel EasyCare is leading the industry as it changes the way the world thinks about hoof care and hoof protection. EasyCare has also created an extensive network for customers to share concepts and provide valuable feedback that can be utilized in future product development. We feel EasyCare listens!”

Jo and her husband Steve own 12 horses and there are an additional 14 horses at their facility for training and conditioning.  Jo has been using boots on and off for the last 12 years, utilizing various models.  She prefers the Easyboot Glove for training and the Easyboot Glue-On for endurance competitions.

MileMakers carries Glue Ons, Gloves, Edges, Epics, & EasySoakers. Their best sellers are Gloves and Glue Ons.

Jo is a certified CHA Riding Instructor, Equine Veterinary Technician, Licensed Arabian Race Horse Trainer, and endurance rider (attended rides in Mountain, Central, Midwest, Pacific Southwest, Southeast, Southwest, and West, including Tevis).

When asked about her most rewarding experience, Jo likes to see others succeed and to be confident as a result of the education she provides them. “My most memorable hoof boot success story was watching the positive transformation of my stallion’s feet as the result of a trim conducted by Duncan McLaughlin, and Glue On Boots fitted by Garrett Ford. Eight months, and several trims later, Dancers Starliner is now one size larger, with strong hooves and proper balance. He loves his Glue Ons!”

When asked about Jo’s prediction for the future, Jo believes strongly that barefoot, boots, research and knowledge will replace the age-old practice of shoeing horses.