If you are new to hoof boots and are visiting the EasyCare website for the first time, you might be a little dazed by all the amazing information there. You might also be a little confused on which boot would be best for your horse and the type of riding you do. You have heard and seen that hoof boots are a great way to provide your horse with protection, traction and comfort but how do you choose the right one?

Fit is Everything
We believe the biggest determining factor in hoof boot success is fit.  How will you know if a boot will fit?

1. Use the EasyCare measuring and sizing instructions to determine boot size. Always measure right after a fresh trim. Do your measurements correspond to the size charts? If your measurements are similar to the size charts, your chances of a snug fit are good. If your measurements do not correspond (foot is wider than long, length and width fits into different sizes) chances are that is not the right boot for you.  A Fit Kit is strongly recommended to fit the Easyboot Glove boot.

2. Before a boot is tightened the boot should be snug. You should not be able to turn or twist the boot. If using the Easyboot Glove, there should be no gaps around the sides of the boot and the V in the front should expand.

3. After tightening, the boot should be a close fit around the hoof wall. Horse boots should not have large gaps or voids between the hoof wall and the boot.

4. You know when running shoes or hiking boots fit your own feet. Use the same type of logic for your horse.

What to do if your horse does not fit well in the current EasyCare hoof boot range.
Have a hoof care professional trim your horse’s feet and follow their recommendations for care. Many hooves improve and change under regular trimming performed by a good hoof care professional.

For  more information on choosing a hoof boot you can go to our “Which Boot” section on the website. As always, please call EasyCare customer service at 1-800-447-8836 with any sizing or fitting questions.

Shari Murray