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A few weeks ago I had the privilege of answering an e-mail question about sizing from a wonderful man named Dan Files. He was e-mailing regarding sizing for the Old Mac boots for his paint, Dollar. I love helping all our customers but Dan turned out to be extra special.

Dan pulled Dollar’s shoes 6 weeks ago and was looking at protective horse boots to use for Dollar. He tells me that his horse is much more than a horse to him as a lot of people think but here is the special part; Dan is a disabled veteran from the Iraq Gulf war and he is still riding and putting his own boots on.

 Dan taking off the Old Mac G2 boots
Below is what Dan sent me about a recent ride with Dollar in the Old Mac G2 boots.

The temps today were around 34 degrees and about 5 to 6 inches of snow and ice, with the sun shining it was melting into ankle deep mud, needless to say it was nasty footing on most of the dirt trails. Dollar and I had the best ride today that I can remember. Dollar has had his shoes off 6 weeks now, that is not long but you should see his feet, I am so proud of him. We rode and went through snow 2 feet deep and water and ice mixed that lay in our field and trails everything we went through was over the top of the boots. I don’t think you could find mad, snow and ice any worse and nasty than it was today. Dollar was like a different horse, the was nothing that stopped us or made us take a different way. All the crappy footing and deep ice mud did not stop him and the boots stayed right on. He seemed so happy and we played and ran, yes we trotted and at one place even cantered.

When we returned I took the boots off to look at his feet, No marks, no rubs, I have no idea where all the mud was but it was not in the boot.


Dan, wife and Dollar
Dan, his lovely wife, and Dollar

Dan told me that he can see with his own eyes have using Easyboots can make a difference the first time a horse has them on. He celebrates his good fortune to find horses who show their love and dedication to him.

Although Dan and Dollar love their Old Mac’s, Dan is waiting for the trimmer to come so he can order a fit kit and try the Easyboot Gloves.

Thank you, Dan, for your truly inspiring story.

Shari Murray


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