The following is from EasyCare dealer, Stefanie Bergman, of Cy Saddlery in Wasilla, Alaska:

“Well, I just got back from a competitive trail ride (CTR) in Fairbanks. Six hundred miles in the truck and forty miles in the saddle and we’re home! I am so happy to report that the HiTie worked beautifully. I honestly wouldn’t do another ride without one. My horse was able to move around, which made her more comfortable at the trailer. My mare loves the HiTie. She is much less anxious being on the trailer than when she’s tied hard and fast. This is such a great product!

The ride lived up to it’s name of being a challenge. We rode up to Ester Dome in Fairbanks and if we weren’t going uphill, we were going downhill. On the first day of the ride, it rained and was windy and cold. I had to rock out the winter riding gear to stay warm.

The second day was beautiful. In the picture below with the Fireweed field, you will see the mountain where we rode to the very top. It was an amazing weekend.

I saw a lot of EasyCare hoof boots, Stowaway Packs and other EasyCare products on the ride. I also donated a set of Stowaway Packs to the ride, which was presented to the “red lantern” rider.

My little mare did a wonderful job. This was her second CTR and she took first place horse, I took third place horsemanship and we won high point combined. It was a lot of fun!”

Another assertive EasyCare dealer that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk! Congratulations, Stefanie!