I had the opportunity to attend the Cuyama XP ride last weekend and what a weekend it was. This ride is the most beautiful ride I have ever attended. The terrain came with its own set of challenges as we climbed mountains and trotted over some pretty rocky terrain. I was glad my horses hooves were protected in his Easyboot Glue Ons, the shock absorption was priceless as we trotted on some very hard packed roads

I was thrilled to see many other booted horses and that Easycare Boots were consistently in the top 10. Heather and Jeremey Reynolds tied for 1st place on the first and second day, Janet Worts was 3rd the first day, 9th the second day and 3rd the 3rd day. Heather, Jeremy and Janet all rode the same horses. Janet and her horse took fastest 3 day time for the entire event. I also saw a few others using the new Easyboot Glove!

Zach Rabow and Bryan Dobyns were two new booters whose horses both wore boots for the very first time at this ride. This was Zach and his horse Sassy’s first ride back after an injury and they competed on day two looking great. Bryan and his horse Patriot did their first 50 on day one and looked so great that they decided to do 55 miles on day two. Congratulations to both Bryan and Zack on such a successful weekend!
Bryan and Patriot
Zach and Sassy

I also had the opportunity to exchange gluing techniques with experts like Dave Rabe and Heather and Jeremy Reynolds. Funny how between the four of us we had four different ways of gluing on boots. It just goes to show how there is no right way to do it as long as is it’s the way that works for you. With the accomplishments that these three riders have it was really a treat to be able to hang out and glue boots with them.

Overall I think everyone including Easycare had a great weekend at Cuyama!

Miriam Rezine


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  1. Thanks for glueing on the boots miriam! We pulled them off yesterday and her foot looked great, and the wind puffs continue to reduce!