Cut, cut and recut! Cutting a Comfort Pad for a hoof boot with no corresponding template can be anything but a laughing matter. Cut it wrong and well, it’s history. Here is a tip that with a bit of initial time investment can help you trim Comfort Pads regardless of the preprinted lines correctly and neatly the first time, every time.

So gather up the following and let the fun begin:

  1. Obtain your template material. Shown here are flexible cutting boards. These sheets come in packs and can be picked up at Walmart or just about any kitchen supply store.
  2. EasyCare hoof boots or EasyCare Fit Kit shells
  3. Sharp scissors
  4. Sharpie permanent marker
  5. Paper hole punch
  6. Key ring

Materials assembled and ready to go.

Trace boot with Sharpie.

Cut out tracing.

Trim to ensure it is a perfect fit and note boot size.

Punch a hole at the top and attach to a ring. Simple!

This handy tool makes the job so easy it’s almost funny. Your customers are sure to be impressed by your preparation and the professional look of the finished results.

Note: The Easyboot Comfort Pads do have template lines applicable to the Easyboot, Easyboot Epic, Rx, Edge, Grip and Boa bootsThe Old Mac’s Comfort Pads have template lines that are applicable to the Old Mac’s G2, the Easyboot Trail and Easyboot Soaker.

Debbie Schwiebert


Vet Dealer & Hoof Care Practitioner Accounts

I manage the hoof care practitioner and veterinarian dealer accounts at EasyCare. An integral part of my job is to stay current in all areas of barefoot hoof care, which enables me to serve this vital group of EasyCare dealers at the next level.