Willi fell in love with Kentucky Mountain Mountain Saddle Horses (KMSH) on a camp trip to Cuneo Creek in the summer of 2008. He rode the last day of his trip with a campground neighbor, Caren. Her husband had an accident the day before and could not ride so her riding partner left one day earlier. Caren was flying along the trails that day on her KMSH and Willi had a hard time following her with his non-gaited horse, Clyde.

Willi Hoffmann and Little in Easyboots.

Customer Photo of the Month: Willi and Little.

So he started looking for one of those flying carpets. She found Little in Reno, Nevada. Willi drove 300 miles, had a look at her and fell immediately in love with this handsome, 16 hand, well-built and big-boned Mountain horse. She is an all around friend, she does great on trails. Willi says she is a perfect off-road horse and does well in endurance rides. The Easyboot Epics and Gloves work very well with her and keep her sound and happy over all types of terrain.

Willi in the mountains.

Willi grew up in the country in southern Germany. He loved horses all his life, but there was never money, time or space to have her own horses. That all changed when he moved from Egypt and North Africa to Northern California.

He got his first horse in 2007: Clyde a Spanish Barb from a horse Rescue. He calls him the mountain goat, followed by Little, The Flying Carpet.

His dream came true this summer when he caught a three year-old Mustang stallion whom he started under saddle. He spends every minute he can on his horses, riding in the mountains or going to endurance rides.