Out riding in one of our favorite spots, Lake Melonies in the California foothills. I have been using boots for over 10 years now and have tried almost all of the boots in the Easycare line.

Phyllis Mattox & Easyboots

Phyllis and Remington.

We started out with the Old Mac’s, then the Boa Hoof Boots. As soon as I saw the Easyboot Gloves, I new they would work better for my gaited horse. And they do.

She gates much better in them and I think they are the best boots on the market. I have been using the Easyboot Trails on the big paint horse Remington, with Gloves on the back if we go somewhere that has a lot of rocks. This combo has worked great for him.

I will never put shoes on my horses ever again. Thank you, Easycare, for giving all of us booters a wonderful product for our beloved equines.

Phyllis Mattox in Ceres,Ca