The November 2011 photo of the month is of Team Easyboot 2011 member, Gene Limlaw, who made the return drive from Vermont to Colorado to participate in the 2012 EasyCare photo shoot led by Kevin Lange of Lange Photography. We also had special guests Bernd Jung from HufCheck in Germany, and our very own Gabriel Luethje.

This photo is taken near the summit of Engineer Mountain, north of Durango, Colorado. Gene is riding his Arabian mare, Grace, who had just finished in 15th place at the North American Endurance Team 100-Mile Championship in Lake Alamanor, California.

Based in South Central Vermont, Gene is a horse trainer by profession, and an avid hoof boot ambassador.

Gene Limlaw in Easyboots

Gene Limlaw & Grace. Photo by Lange Photography.

If you are located in the northeastern or southeastern continental US, look out for Gene. He’s always willing to help other booted riders. For a full listing of Team Easyboot 2011 members, see the Team Easyboot page on the EasyCare website.