Kandace French and I headed up to Apache Maid on Friday afternoon for a weekend of riding. We arrived around 5 PM in a slow rain and a flock of wild turkeys meandering slowly across our camping spot. We set up our camp and enjoyed the last of the day.

The next morning we got up, saddle up and headed out to Apache Maid Lookout. At the foot of Apache Maid is this beautiful, large open meadow. As we were meandering our way across the meadow I noticed a large yellow butterfly I wanted to photograph.

After getting the photograph I saw Soldier had picked up some decorations of his own. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the white daisy (actually a white aster) stuck in the gaiter on Soldier’s Easyboot Epics. It was almost like he had put it there on purpose. I always knew my mule was a hippy at heart. He is a free and loving spirit so it suited him perfectly.

Catherine Peterson is a member of the Arizona Backcountry Riders.