The E-Z Ride Stirrup, EasyCare’s popular nylon stirrup, has been improved with a sleek, new design that makes it easier to use and maintain.

You’ll notice right away that there are no rivets or screws. That’s because the pad and cage are designed to slip on and off. There’s no need for adhesives (that are impossible to remove) or hardware that takes time and tools. When you install and remove the pad or cage, you’ll discover it’s very convenient and reliable.

Here’s a quick look at the slip-on features.

Slip-On Pad

The new slip-on pad has a slot that allows it to be easily applied over the side aspect of a stirrup and onto the stirrup base without any tools. The slot fits snugly and does not need adhesives to keep it in place. Worn pads are easy to replace, and for riders who experience more wear on the medial or lateral aspects of the pad, you can rotate the pad – like a tire!

Slip-On Pad – side view
Slip-On Pad – top view

Slip-On Cage

The slip-on cage is applied to the stirrup by simply slipping it over the stirrup base. It can be easily removed or re-applied when needed. Again, there are no screws or rivets.

Here’s a short video for a closer look at the simplicity of the new design.

See you on the trail!


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