Written by Jordan Anderson, EasyCare Product Specialist

The weekend of October 7, 2022, NATRC (North American Trail Ride Conference) put on an event in Aztec, New Mexico. I enjoy trail riding competitively, and this weekend was no exception. I completed 37 miles over two days.

The trails were rocky in parts and sandy in others, with several sections that required us to scale sandstone rocks. This is the second time I’ve used my Fury boots at this specific location, and I love how they provide protection for my horse’s feet while helping my horse get a good grip on the rocks she’s climbing. I felt secure in areas where the footing was difficult because I knew my horse would be able to get the traction she needed.

Although some sand does make its way into the boots occasionally, I love that they don’t collect sand in the heel area where rubbing could occur. The Fury Slings are easy to get on and off, and they have a low profile, making it seem like my horse isn’t wearing anything at all.