Being a part of the team at EasyCare is incredible during the debut phase of new products. The excitement and anticipation from Easybooters, old and new, is energizing. Welcome, Easyboot New Trail! The introduction of this product is surfacing lots of great inquiries and questions about how it compares to the older style and other boots. No boot is truly more magnificent than another; it really comes down to yours and your horse’s particular riding activities. Read on and you will learn the comparisons and contrasts between the Glove Back Country and the New Trail.

The Easyboot Glove Back Country is a medium mileage boot with EasyCare’s accomplished semi-aggressive tread pattern. Because the Back Country is built from the same chassis as the Easyboot Glove, a complementary and snug fit to the hoof is important for boot performance. We encourage using the EasyCare Fit Kit for this boot style since it is only 4mm from one size to the next and it must harmonize with the hoof.

The easygoing New Trail boot has the versatility of conforming to more deviant hoof shapes. Because this boot style has a more forgiving fit, it can accommodate up to an eight week trimming cycle rather than a six week cycle demanded by the Back Country. The Trail uses an aggressive tread pattern designed for a variety of terrain ranging from deep clay to gravel or pavement.

Taking a closer look, we can identify the other notable differences between these boot styles:

To apply, the gaiter on the Glove Back Country should be folded down. The boot requires a small bit more strength than the New Trail because it slides on the hoof for a “fit like a glove”. The New Trail opens wide and permits an easy application.

The Back Country boot presents an integrated power strap on the front of the boot for extra reliability. The Upper of the Back Country is replaceable, as is it's Gaiter. The New Trail Upper is riveted to the boot base.

The New Trail uses a hook and loop closure almost entirely around the boot. The Back Country depends on Velcro only at the rear.

The Back Country owns a threefold hook and loop sandwich on the back of the boot. The New Trail is twofold and utilizes a hook and loop strap to hold everything tight. The strap can be removed, if desired.

Check out how low profile the hook and loop material is on the New Trail. It’s super tough.

To decide between the two, the important factors to consider are your riding schedule, your horse’s hoof shape, and your horse’s trimming schedule. If you are riding less than 25 miles per week and desire a boot that is easy to apply while still providing all of the benefits of boots, the New Trail is a great option. To see the differences between the original Easyboot Trail and the New Trail, click here. If you’re riding a longer distance and desire a boot that is a bit more customizable in terms of fitting, measure and order the EasyCare Fit Kit to determine sizing for the Back Country. It’s important to remember that your horse’s hoof shape plays a role in boot success. If you are more than one size different between width and length, it may be necessary to consider an alternative boot style. Always, EasyCare staff is standing by to help you choose a boot and size. Reach out and contact us! We love to hear from you.


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