Both the Easyboot Rx2 and Easyboot Cloud are fantastic options in our therapy lineup. Whether your horse is actively competing or retired, having a trusty therapy boot is helpful for all horses and horse owners. Trying to decide which boot is better for your horse? Consider these similarities and differences.


Both the Easyboot Cloud and Easyboot Rx2 provide shock absorption, support, and protection to the hoof. These boots provide comfort for a variety of lameness, whether sore footed, thin soles, navicular, founder, or frequent abscesses. Both boots are handy for trailering, helping your horse absorb bumps, turns, and unexpected stops on the trailer. Additionally, they can provide comfort while stabling or standing for extended periods of time. If you are standing around at competitions on concrete, the boots can help prevent hoof soreness and stocking up.


While both boots will help provide comfort and support in a variety of situations, there are a couple of features that set them apart. Consider these differences when trying to pick the best option for your horse.

  1. Sizing

The Easyboot Cloud is offered in 10 sizes, as small as 89-99mm wide to as large as 188-191mm wide.

The Easyboot Rx2 is also offered in 10 sizes. The smallest is 70-80mm wide, and the largest is 160-170mm wide.

If you are looking for a small boot for a pony, the Rx2 might be a better option. If you are looking for a large boot for larger hooves, the Cloud may be a better option for you. If you fall somewhere in the middle, this may not be a determining factor.

2. Design

The Cloud comes with an EVA Comfort Pad that offers a 2 degree wedge. You can replace this pad as needed. Does your horse need a wedge for heel lift and support? If yes, the Easyboot Cloud is the best choice for you.

The Easyboot Rx2 is designed with an integrated RE midsole (rubber/EVA blend), keeping the hoof lower to the ground. No additional padding is required. The midsole does not have a wedge. Without additional padding, the horse sits closer to the ground and the boot itself is more lightweight, making the Rx2 our lightest therapy boot option.

3. Hardness Scale

Do you want your horse to have a softer or firmer pad? The Cloud’s EVA Pad is approximately 45% softer than the Rx2’s midsole on the Shore A Hardness scale. If your horse needs maximum support for chronic lameness, the Cloud may be a better option.

4. Hoof Mechanics

The Rx2 has a rockered bottom, which can be beneficial in various therapy situations. Also, the Rx2 has many ways it can be modified to meet the needs of different horses. You can create a roller effect by removing the edges of the tread with nippers.

5. Tread 

The Easyboot Cloud’s tread pattern is the same tread pattern on the Easyboot Glove, Glue-On, Flip Flop, Back Country, and Epic. This tread pattern is compatible with our Therapy Click System. The Therapy Click System is a therapeutic aid and a starting point to change breakover and heel elevation. Both the 5-degree and 10-degree bases have been designed with extra depth to give professionals the ability to customize for each unique case.

Breakover position and heel height are quickly changed with a rasp or grinder. Add additional height with adhesive products. We recommend that the Therapy Click System is used ONLY when based on veterinarian counsel addressing the specific needs of each individual case.

The Rx2 has a new tread design with more aggressive grooves. This is not compatible with the Therapy Click System.

6. Closure System

The Rx2 comes up higher on the pastern area and is padded to prevent rubbing. The close-fitting upper helps prevent shavings and debris from getting into the boot. The straps have elastic to help stretch over and get a snug fit.

The Cloud’s closure does not come up as high over the pastern. The straps do not have elasticity and the Velcro surface area is larger in comparison to the Rx2.


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