After my horse, Filly, had her front feet trimmed within 1/4 inch of her coffin bone, she nearly foundered and we were off parades, drill and trail for the remainder of the season. I was devestated. She recovered well and went on to win two USEDC titles in Advanced Youth drill team work, but on the trails she was still tender in the front.

Boa Horse Boots

I purchased a full set of four Boa Horse Boots to protect her feet when we ride trails. So now she wears her Boas, or her sneakers, as I call them, on her front feet for all our trail rides and a full set in rocky terrain. She knows the difference. Where she would avoid the trail and go into the grass before wearing the Boas, she now stays to the trail and plows right over the stones and gravel with no hesitation and no discomfort.

This past summer, we were able to enjoy several night rides that would not have been possible if it we didn’t have these wonderful boots! Thank you, EasyCare for giving my horse many more years of enjoyment on the trails

Name: R. Dinse
City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Equine Discipline: Pleasure Riding
Favorite Boot: Boa Horse Boot