My name is Nicole Vinson and I was born in Texas originally and then moved to Colorado in '99, so now it is home to me. I grew up with horses and can't imagine life without them. From the time I could walk I would grab my good old' baby sitter Buck, climb up on the fence and then was content just sitting on his back while he calmly swished the flies with his tail. Now I am raising three horses of my own. I still have not grown out of that horse loving phase.
I have trained and performed on several horses in many disciplines. I was lucky enough to meet my mentor in 2004 and worked on her ranch until 2010. She raised paints and quarter horses and had trained under several well known clinicians throughout her years and was kind enough to share her knowledge with me. I would assist with foaling, imprinting, and training. Once the horses were ready I had the opportunity to show many of them in Halter, Western Pleasure, Equitation, and Trail classes. I also had the privilege to wrangle five day pack trips up the Wemminuche on very hard terrain and most of the time, very novice riders. This is where I had my first experiences with Easyboots. When a horse would lose a shoe, we would use Easyboots until we got off the mountain to replace the shoe. In 2008, I started taking English riding lessons and started showing in all of those classes as well. The horses as well as myself have benefited so much from this. My foundation could not have been more solid when it comes to training and dealing with problems down the road.
While my show life was very successful, I now enjoy barrel racing, trail riding, and cattle work with my quarter horse mare Lady. I have a three year old Thoroughbred cross that I am having a wonderful time with trail riding and getting her foundation solid. Throughout the years I have realized how good the hooves of barefoot horses are. While my mentor’s horses were all very healthy, they always had pretty nasty feet with huge cracks and extreme flares. They were also shod six months of the year. I never understood why but now that I have my own horses, that have always been barefoot, and have never had any issues with cracking or flaring, I really see why a barefoot hoof is the best option. They wear their feet naturally and now with some guidance from a barefoot trimmer I am confident I can do maintenance on them myself.  My horses have never had shoes, and I intend to keep it that way. Barefoot and booted is the way to go for us! 
I am so excited to be able to help others realize how great a barefoot horse really is. I feel confident with my skills and knowledge I will be able to help make the right choices when it comes to boots and making sure they are right for both horse and rider. 

Nicole Vinson

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Customer Service

As one of the Customer Service Representatives, I strive to make sure both horse and rider have the best boot possible. Every hoof is unique and I will listen to your individual needs to ensure you love your experience with hoof boots.