Christoph Schork rode three horses to first place on each of the days at the Old Pueblo Endurance Ride in Sonoita, AZ last weekend. Two of them got the coveted Best Condition Award.

Almost as soon as he had completed the vet check and showed for BC, Christoph was saddling up another horse to take out for a quick spin around the trails to prepare for the next day.

Trimming a horse freshly transitioned into barefoot.

Each of the three horses was wearing Easyboot Glue-Ons. He spent a few hours gluing boots the day before the ride and he also spent some time at the ride every afternoon helping others trim feet and glue boots.

Sizing a Glue-On Shell.

It was fascinating to be around him while he worked because he has a great talent of expressing what he sees in the barefoot hoof, what he recommends in terms of natural hoof trimming and how to go about doing it.

Christoph’s ride history is impressive – with more than 19,500 AERC miles under his belt and participation at various competitions abroad.

Look out for him at your next ride – he’ll surprise you with his generosity. His red truck is easy to spot, too.