As Garrett Ford continues to bring innovative creations to the hoof care world, the EasyCare product lineup continues to expand. At one point in time, not too long ago, the Rx boot was the only boot specific to therapy use. Within the past couple of years, EasyCare has presented the Easyboot Transition, the Easyboot Cloud, and the Zip (for poulticing or hoof cleanliness), in addition to other therapy accessories.

I’m often asked which boot is best for a particular hoof condition. My answer is that all of the boots can assist in recovery for just about any situation and that the best way to determine the best boot is based on a couple of other factors.

1. 24/7 use: Boots without breathe holes are recommended for roughly 12 hours on and 12 hours off. The Rx boot and the Easyboot Cloud are equipped with breathe holes, so they may be worn for longer durations. However, it is suggested to monitor the hoof and keep the hoof and boot dry. This may mean removing the boot for an hour each day, interchanging boot pairs, and/or using gold bond powder to battle bacteria and wick away moisture.

2. Turnout size: If the horse is stall bound, there is significantly less wear and tear than if the horse is able to be on turnout. A turnout no larger than the size of a small round pen is acceptable for all of the therapy boots. If the horse is on turnout larger than this, we suggest the Easyboot Cloud or the Transition.

3. Hoof conformation: EasyCare’s #1 way to narrow down to a successful boot style is based on your horse’s hoof shape. Nearly all Easyboots use different size charts in order to be able to fit a wide range of hoof anomalies. Oval or narrow shaped hooves fit best in the Rx. Round or slightly wider than long hooves fit well in the Transition. The Cloud is a forgiving boot and can accommodate oval, round, or slightly wide hooves.

If your width and length measurements do not seem to complement a size chart, give EasyCare a call. As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. EasyCare loves being a part of the process of recovery and prides on making your horse more comfortable.

Mariah Reeves

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Customer Service

My focus is on educating myself relating to all things hoof and horse care to customize your EasyCare product experience. Each customer interaction is an opportunity to enhance another equestrian lifestyle.