Hoof boots sold cheap on eBay.

Do you own a hoof boot that doesn’t fit your current horse?  Do you have a hoof boot that is ready to be retired?  Don’t throw it out!  Send it in and get an EasyCare hoof boot at half price.

EasyCare has a Hoof Boot Upgrade Program that allows hoof boot users to send in non-EasyCare hoof boots in exchange for an EasyCare hoof boot model.  The program has been successful because it allows the consumer to send in a boot that may not fit their horse correctly or isn’t working on their specific horse.  Worn out or used boots can also be sent in for exchange on a half price purchase of an EasyCare branded hoof boot.  It’s a great opportunity to try the lightweight and agile Easyboot Glove.  The exchanged boots are then listed on ebay at a cheap price and sold as a complete lot.

Cheap Horse Boots

The complete photo of the exchange hoof boots that will be sold on eBay.

The current eBay selection has the following boots.

2 Delta Hoof Boots
10 Swiss Horse Boots
2 Marquis Hoof Boots
5 Davis Barrier Horse Boots
11 Renegade Hoof Boots
47 Cavallo Simple Boots

Swiss Horse Boots Cheap

Swiss Horse Boots

Cavallo Simple Boots at a cheap price

Cavallo Simple Boots

Renegade Hoof Boots for sale cheap

Renegade Hoof Boots

All boots are in various sizes and different conditions.  Some are slightly used and others more used.

This is a great opportunity for a horse rescue or barefoot trimming school.  Shipping weight is roughly 80 lbs.  Winning bidder pays shipping via ground transport.

Garrett Ford


President & CEO

I have been President and CEO of EasyCare since 1993. My first area of focus for the company is in product development, and my goal is to design the perfect hoof boot for the barefoot horse.