Try the New EasyShoe Versa Glue for a Chance to Win up to $500!

EasyCare has been manufacturing and testing glue-on urethane hoof protection products for more than 15 years. We have learned a great deal about hoof prep and manufacturing methods that help make adhesive hoof protection...

Gluing Made Easier!

In 2009, Frank Rovelli and the executive team from Vettec flew out to my house in Colorado to see what EasyCare was doing with urethane hoof protection and Vettec adhesive. EasyCare had developed a...

Introducing the Easyboot Remedy!

EasyCare is excited to present our newest therapy boot! The Easyboot Remedy is in the warehouse and ready to ship.  This flexible, strong, waterproof boot is the perfect solution for soaking and ice therapy. We...

Tips for Success with the Easyboot Glove 50

The Easyboot Glove 50 has been tested and used successfully for over a year now. It's been worn by several horses while they have won endurance events, and it's seen some hard miles in...

Introducing the New Easyboot Sneaker

It's here! The Easyboot Sneaker is the most pliable hoof boot in the Easyboot lineup, designed to give the hoof maximum flexibility. The Easyboot Sneaker sole provides a new tread design and is engineered...

A “Sneak” Peek

Coming soon! Check back here for the latest on our newest release, the Easyboot Sneaker.

New Hoof Boot from EasyCare! Help us test the Easyboot Glove 50.

The Easyboot Glove 50 is here and ready for outside testers.The Easyboot Glove 50 is built on the Easyboot Glove shell, but replaces the fabric gaiter with a urethane heel sling covered in neoprene....

50 Years! EasyCare turns 50 in 2020.

50 years in business!Thank you horses, horse owners, hoof care professionals, and veterinarians. Thank you for believing in our products and helping us to reach this milestone in 2020. Because of you, EasyCare has...

EasyShoe Versa. Shipping December 9th.

EasyCare has worked hard on several new projects for 2020.  We have three new hoof boots in the works, a revised E-Z Ride Stirrup design, and several new EasyShoe designs.  Each new product design...

EasyShoe Versa – The Why

EasyCare currently manufactures more flexible, urethane, hoof care products than any company in the world. We manufacture several versions and sizes of urethane boots, glue-on shells, hybrid protection options that are a cross between...