Frog Talk – Part I

What do frogs and bars have in common?  Answer: they are both most controversial among hoof professionals.Bars and frogs of the equine hoof are the most discussed tissues and there are about as many...

Rounding the Corner

Submitted by David Landreville of Landreville Hoof CareThere are a lot of trim methods out there teaching how to address heel height without mentioning heel shape. The shape of the heels are meant to...

Rehabilitation of the Insulin Resistant Foundered Horse: DHF Style

We at Daisy Haven Farm, Inc, focus our practice on rehabilitation of the equine foot.  We do our best to be objective about the work we do on the horse’s foot and refrain from...

Horse Hoof Trimming Using a Disc Grinder

Another Skeptic Converted to Barefoot Grinder Trimming by Carolyn DierksenThe story I would like to tell you here is about a new method of hoof care, introduced to me by Phil Morarre. I first...

Floating The Heel

Finally we have successfully rebalanced the hooves and achieved an accurate M/L balance, only to discover to our dismay a few weeks later that same M/L imbalance again. What went wrong with our last...

Step by Step Trim Progression

I talk a lot here about how to go about trimming a hoof, but this week, I wanted show a hoof at each stage of my trim.Before we start, though, I think this is...

Shoe A Horse With Super Glue

Believe it or not, super glue will hold a horse shoe for a 6-8 week trim cycle!  I personally didn't believe it at first, but I started playing with some of the glue-on tab...

Is Your Horse Really a Goat?

With all the different trim styles out there it can be difficult to make value decisions for your horse’s feet. Every horse is different, and depending on the environment, the horse’s job and where...

Looking Beyond Frequent Hoof Trimming as the Magic Fix for Hoof Rehab

By Hoof Care Practitioner David Landreville of Landreville Hoof CareIf you’re struggling with hoof issues, don't fool yourself into thinking that merely trimming more frequently is going to be a magic fix. There’s always a...

Heel Height: Factors to Consider

I've yet to mentor an aspiring trimmer who didn't wish aloud for a hard and fast, always-and-never guide for trimming. Yep, that sure would make it easier! But we're working with a living