Easyboot Epic Love

My mule, JP, loves his Easyboot Epics. No worries, never a lost boot. EZ breezy. Thanks so much for great products and awesome customer service.Name: CindyCity: New Iberia, LouisianaEquine Discipline: Trail RidingFavorite Boot: Easyboot Epic

Epics and Navicular

My mare, TJ, was diagnosed with navicular a few years ago. I subsequently learned to trim and have been trying to get her comfortable enough to land heel first. I tried a soft paddock,...

Throwback: The Easyboot Epic History

Blog originally posted November 29, 2009Easyboot Epic is one of the most successful protective horse boots in the equine industry. Unlike a horses shoe, a hoof boot can be applied to the barefoot hoof...

Share Your Adventure March Winner: 2017 Division One Trail Rider and the Easyboot Epics.

Submitted by Easyboot Customer, Robin Morris.My partner’s name is Beau. He is an eleven-year-old Quarter Horse Saddle Mule. I absolutely adore him and ride a lot which is probably an understatement. I have logged every...

Healing Zahara

Submitted by Stacey Maloney, Team Easyboot 2012 MemberMany people may remember this picture from earlier this spring.Pretty ugly I know. This is my mare, Zahara, after about six months of healing from a wire...

Hoof Boots and Blue Jeans

I went shopping a few weeks ago for some new jeans, since all of mine from last year apparently shrunk hanging in the hot closet over the summer. While I was walking through the...

Madison Mounted Unit Trusts Their Easyboots!

Madison Wisconsin's Mounted Police Patrol Unit depend on their equine partners as they work each day to protect their community.  Outfitting their horses with protective horse boots such as the Easyboot Epic allow them...

These Boots!

Submitted by Stacey Maloney, Team Easyboot 2015 MemberWhat do you think of when you see something like this?By direct explanation it’s an old worn out Easyboot Epic. It has a hole in the toe,...

See How Easily You Can Install an Epic Gaiter

Do you have any Easyboot Epics laying about in need of gaiter replacement? Have you been putting it off because you thought it would be too complex? I just replaced an Epic gaiter today...

Week 3 Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to Shane Weigand for winning our photo contest this week! Shane submitted this incredibly unique photo of herself and her burro competing in a pack burro race while sporting some Easyboot Epics.Shane's cream-white donkey, Julia,...