Chicken Chase 2010

April 16 was the running of the 20th Anniversary of the Chicken Chase at the Clark State Forest.  It was also the anniversary of our first ill-fated run at that ride in 2009 which...

“Easy” Boot Removal – How to Take Off Easyboot Gloves

Easyboot glove removal: an Easyboot Glove that fits well and has survived an extreme race without any hickups is awesome... and can be difficult to remove. Or is it?First, please note the overall shape...

The Worst Feet in the Barn

For several weeks, Lisa talked about the horse with the "worst feet in the barn". I couldn't work on him right away because the track farriers had just put shoes on his feet.  And...

Thunder’s Hooves Revisited

Submitted by Karen Bumgarner, Team Easyboot 2011 MemberRecall if you will, the end of May, when Thunder was pulled on the 100 at Owyhee Fandango. It took some hard thinking but I figured out...

Traction for Parades with the Easyboot Trail

I usually have keep my horse shod on the front so when our Sheriff's Mounted Posse is in a parade, I appreciate a little extra traction on the concrete. I use the Easyboot Trail...

A “Sneak” Peek

Coming soon! Check back here for the latest on our newest release, the Easyboot Sneaker.

Hitting the Road With EasyCare

Our ride season will begin with a bang! The proud recipient of the winning prize money for EasyCare's Facebook T-Shirt contest will be marching this check to the bank today and exchanging it for...

Banjo Wearing His EasyCare Boots

Jamey Grover of Warm Springs, GA, has been using the Easyboot Gloves with great success."Here are three different pictures of Banjo and me showing off our Easyboot Gloves. Thank you for a product that is reliable...

Global Endurance has success in EasyCare Hoof Boots in 2009

Global Endurance has racked up more than 30 wins, 15 best conditions and 3,300 miles in the 2009 AERC season alone.Christoph Schork installing glue-ons before the Tevis CupChristoph Schork and Dian Woodward from Global...

Now Available: The Easyboot Mini

Minis and ponies and foals, oh my! The smallest molded hoof boots in the world go on sale today: April 1, 2016. The benefits of maintaining a healthy, protected barefoot hoof now reach our...