Carry an Easyboot or get a sense of humor!
Does this sound familiar? This was one of EasyCare’s first catch phrases, back when the only hoof boot product available was the Easyboot and most horses were shod. People would carry an Easyboot in their saddlepacks in case they lost a shoe, in fact many people still do.

Times are changing
More and more people are moving their equine partners toward natural horse care, transitioning their horse to barefoot and using some of the newer protective horse hoof protection such as the Epic, Easyboot Glove, and Glue-On. But the notion of carrying a spare applies more now than ever: if you are going on a multi-day ride, a pack trip or a riding vacation, make sure you are prepared in case of an emergency.

Plan ahead
You carry a spare tire when you go on a road trip even though most of the time you never have to use it. Why not carry an extra boot when going on a trip with your horse? Planning ahead for unforseen situations can really make or break the trip you have been planning with your horse.

Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail
You can go to our on-line store or your local dealer to order your extra boot or boot accessories and while you are at it, order an EasyCare Hoof Boot Stowaway Bag to carry them in.

Shari Murray


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