Anne first contacted me on June 10th, looking for boots. During our initial conversation, Anne told me that her three year old colt had never been shod and she intended to keep him that way for life with natural hoof care. Cadence received his boots on June 23rd. Below are pictures of Cadence with his new boots.

When Anne talked about her three year old colt, I never imagined that he was an absolutely gorgeous TWH Stallion. The same day that these pictures were taken, they did a five mile loop and Cadence did great in his new boots. Anne said they moved out on the road and he just cruised right along.

During our email conversations, I found that Anne is very pro-barefoot and very pro-natural hoof care. Anne has made a move from Iowa, where the ground was soft, to Colorado with rough, rocky terrain. She knew that she had to do something to protect her horse’s feet.

She had read our blog about Dr. Tomas Teskey’s Hoof Clinic and not only said that she had learned alot, but that she had always hated the thought of putting steel shoes on horses. When she discovered hoof boots on the EasyCare website, she knew that was the way to go. Anne has two more horses that are eight and nine years old and they have always been barefoot. Their next trimming appointment is at the end of July and they will be measured for their new boots. Anne is hoping one or both will be wearing the Easyboot Glove.

Dee Hoime