Mustang Mountain Ranch is on the run again!  Literally. The Klickitat Trek Endurance Ride was held at the Glenwood Rodeo Grounds in Washington bringing in over 175 riders from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Canada. Of course, Theresa and her father, Chuck, were there, not only to ride, but they had their booth open for business (even while they were riding) because it was manned by Theresa’s brother, their saddle maker.

Mustang Mountain Ranch is not only a very active EasyCare Dealer, but they are a dealer for Black Country Saddles from England and Mustang Mountain also makes their own saddles and tack (P-XP Endurance Saddle/the W-XP (western) and coming soon, the Outlaw Saddle for mounted shooting). Now that Chuck and Theresa are involved in mounted shooting, they are looking to integrate EasyCare hoof boots into the sport. They are also heading for Argentina in November with their friend, who is not only an endurance rider but a polo instructor, to study the sport of polo. They are looking to integrate EasyCare hoof boots and their Black Country Polo Saddle into the sport of polo.

Not only did they have their booth open at the Klickitat Trek Endurance Ride, they also both rode the two day 100.

Chuck after the 100.

Chuck and Theresa (having fun) on their way to vetting in.

Theresa and Reo got Best Condition! Congratulations!

As EasyCare Dealers, Mustang Mountain Ranch, not only talk the talk (at their booth) but they walk the walk (notice both horses are wearing Easyboot Gloves). See them at

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Dee Reiter


Retail Account Rep

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