There are many of us equine lovers out there who wish we could live the life our equine friends do. From taking naps in the sun, nibbling on grass, kicking our heels up, and racing around our pen can look quite appealing compared to our busy human lifestyles. There are many horses, donkeys, and mules out there who are not so lucky to live a pampered life. Some of those who have had a harder life are able to find their way into the loving home of a rescue. Burrito the mini donkey is one of those lucky souls. 

He was rescued from a kill pen and since his arrival at Southern Hope Animal Rescue the helpful hands there along with their farrier and vet have been working hard to provide comfort for this foundered donkey. The solution until coming into contact with EasyCare, Inc. was to wrap the foot once a day in padding and duct tape. However when the rainy weather comes those bandages get soggy and need to be changed twice a day. I know many of our readers and customers can personally relate to that time consuming process.

Recently, Easyboot Minis were suggested as an alternative for Burrito. After contacting the EasyCare Product Specialist Team and discovering the size he would need, he waited eagerly for his boots to arrive.

“They fit very well, even with his wedge flip flops in them,” handler Janessa reported. These boots have allowed a lower maintenance plan for Burrito and a better situation for him in all types of weather. With only a few weeks into wearing the Easyboot Mini the rescue has seen great improvement in Burrito’s condition.

Now Burrito is much more comfortable in his Easyboot Minis!