Bucky is galloping down the long driveway at the Brickey farm in Tilden Township and his owner Nancy Brickey is giving chase.  The faster Nancy ran, the faster Bucky ran.

This scene wouldn’t be newsworthy if Bucky were any other horse.  In August 2008, Bucky lost a hoof when it became ensnared in a rope, cutting off the circulation.  The loss rendered him unable to run. 

In October 2008, West Lawn prosthetist Rick L. Milen outfitted Bucky with  prosthetic hoof,  the first one he has ever made for an animal.

Able to run again, Bucky has used his new found mobility to evade his owners on several occasions.   Bucky’s prosthesis is made of hard plastic resin.  The top clamps around his lower leg, and the bottom was shaped using casts taken from Bucky’s other hooves.

Just like humans, Bucky’s biggest challenge is regaining his center of gravity.  Nancy puts Bucky’s prosthesis on in the morning and takes it off at feeding time, totaling about seven hours a day.  Bucky wears a softer boot at night.

Once again Bucky can gallop into the field to feast on the grass.

Posted by Shari Murray