In the past few years, my riding focus has changed from competing to pleasure and trail riding. I adopted two very green horses from a local rescue and have been training them to be my trail companions. My first adoptee, Bucky, was abandoned at an auction in the winter of 2007, starved and sick. He was only 2 years old and his companions at the auction died. Then called “Lucky”, he ended up at Spring Hill Rescue where he was nursed back to health and came home with us that summer to complete his rehabilitation.

He is now a 5 year old fit, glossy little stock horse who I have done lessons, clinics, and trail riding on. Bucky has never needed shoes, but wears his Easy Boot Epics for any long / rough trail rides. I like the added comfort they give him over rough / hard terrain and he definitely strides forward more confidently when booted.

The second horse we adopted, Haley, was part of a neglect case last winter in which 27 starved horses and ponies were seized and taken to the same rescue. At the age of 6 she was a skinny, mistrustful broodmare. A little research showed that she was actually a registered Buckskin Morgan, and she came home with me to be fed and trained. Haley is just starting under saddle this spring and is doing well. We have done a few 8-10 mile trail rides and she sports her very own new Easy Boot Gloves. I love these boots and hope get Bucky a pair soon! We mostly do small local trail rides, some competitive 8-12 miles.

We have been happy with our boots over rocks, through mud and rivers. With the gaiters in place I never worry about losing a boot over muddy terrain. I especially like the traction they provide when crossing rocky rivers. Both buckskins completed the MA Komen Ride for the Cure this summer in great shape! It has been amazing watching both horses recover both mentally and physically from being neglected and blossom into beautiful, trusting companions. Both now have wonderful hooves and we hope to keep them barefoot and booted!

The photo is Bucky navigating an obstacle in his Epics at last fall’s North Brookfield trail ride.

Name: Tammy McNamara
City: E Dummerston
State: VT
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove