We have just released our newest EasyCare accessory, The Snug Strap.  Have you heard about it?  Our customer service team wrote an informative blog, New Accessory Alert: The Easy Care Snug Straps, describing the many uses for Snug Straps.  If you are an Easyboot Trail or Glove Back Country user, this product is certainly one you should take note of because it increases the dependability of the attachment system – ideal for challenging muddy conditions that may compromise the hook and loop system.

Below is our latest Fix It Friday short video installment of the Snug Strap application, which can also be found on EasyCare's YouTube channel. The accessory is easy to install and will just add to the confidence of your ride when used with the boots mentioned above. 

You can find the Snug Straps under the Accessories tab of the EasyCare website. They are size specific, so be sure to select the Snug Strap designed for your boot size.

As always, If you have any questions about the Snug Strap or it's application, EasyCare's customer service team is here to help.