Traditions, they say, die hard in the West. Contrary to popular belief, back in the 1800’s men weren’t the only ones shooting whiskey and packing a Peacemaker. Women were often going toe to toe with the best of cowboys. These women broke tradition and blazed their own trail. They knew no boundaries.

In that same spirit, Kimberly Knight of Date Creek Ranch, Wickenburg, AZ is not afraid to buck tradition. Date Creek is the continuation of over 130 years of family ranching and is now in the capable hands of Kimberly and her husband Stephen.

This past December Kimberly was interviewed by EasyCare dealer of the month and natural hoof care practitioner Amanda Beno Marsh for Western Horsemen Magazine’s monthly feature Women of the West.

As Kimberly reveals in the interview, Date Creek Ranch embraces innovation and recognizes what it takes to survive in the ranching business today. Proactive and environmentally conscious, the ranch embodies a true spirit of a new West.

This same forward thinking carries over to the ranch’s horse keeping practices. Kimberly, with the help of Amanda Marsh of Mountain Top Hoof Trimming Services have had success keeping the ranch horses barefoot, happy and sound in some very tough country.


Kimberly, has tried several styles of hoof boots but found the Old Mac’s G2 with 12 mm Comfort Pads to be the hoof protection that suits her horses best and can handle the extremely rocky terrain on the ranch. Now with the new Easyboot Glove Back Country she is excited about giving this new boot the ultimate rock test. 

Rocks and more rocks.

The spirit of the West is one of individuals who never settled for the status quo. I challenge you to get a little western and to not be more comfortable with your old problems than with a new solution. Folks from all over the country and around the world just like Kimberly Knight are bucking the tradition of shoeing and choosing a barefoot lifestyle for their horses. Perhaps there’s a little bit Western in all of us.

Debbie Schwiebert