The horse’s hooves spoke clearly at the recently completed Bryce Canyon 5 day XP ride. Many lessons were learned thanks to Garrett Ford and Duncan McLaughlin thermo-imaging before and during the event. What an interesting eye-opener. Read that latest blog and findings at EasyCare’s Main Blog Central.
Base Camp at Bryce.

But equally as defining were the results at Bryce Canyon: all Best Condition awards were won by horses with Easyboot Gloves and Glue-On boots:

  • Garrett Ford and The Fury with Gloves
  • Kevin Myers and Stoner with Gloves
  • Dian Woodward and Stavire with Glue-Ons
  • Dian Woodward and Halyva Night with Glue-Ons
  • Christoph Schork and Mandy with Glue-Ons

All first places were won by Easyboot Glue-On booted horses as well. Furthermore, most of the days, there were 5 or more booted horses  among the top 10. Day 2 saw even placings one through six in Easyboot Glue-Ons and Gloves.

Although most riders still using traditional steel shoes, we are seeing again and again horses with protective horse boots in the winner’s circle of top ten placings and BC winnings.
What are the reasons for the continuing success story?

First, it is the research and design placed in the boot by the EasyCare Staff. The new Glue-Ons and Gloves are half the weight of traditional steel shoes, facilitating the work of our horses tremendously. They provide unprecedented cushioning and sole protection. They are easy to apply. They are healthy for the hooves.

Dian Woodward and Tania Kittel riding under the Pink Cliffs on day 4.


The Pink Cliffs.

Because of excessive July and August rains, this year’s trails were rockier than usual. Horses without good hoof protection were risking bruising of the soles. None of our booted horses  had any issues with that. The horses moved effortlessly and easily through the often rough trails.

Loosing a boot, however, could have put a damper on your day. As we approach fall and cooler and wetter conditions in many locations, this is a good time for some reminders in application of your boots.

To have success with your Glue-Ons, it is of great importance to apply utmost diligence in your gluing process:

  • Select the proper size boot
  • Trim away any flares in the hoof wall
  • Eliminate any forging by facilitating quick breakover of the front hooves. (Long toes on  front and hind hooves could cause forging and potentially pull off front boots)
  • Structure the hoof wall with the rasp
  • Wire brush hoof wall and sole thoroughly
  • Dry the hoof wall with a heat gun or hair dryer
  • Avoid touching the inside of the boots with your bare hands (hands are always somewhat moist or oily and will prevent the glue from adhering properly to the boot)
  • Always carry a spare Easyboot Glove with you.

When using Easyboot Gloves, check the 3 screws that hold the cuffs in place frequently. Through vibration these screws can loosen and can fall out. You may also use some lock tite to keep them in place at all times.


Double Zell, Van Helsing and Halyva Night enjoying their feed during the Vet check on Powell Point, Day 4 at Bryce Canyon XP.

It is easy to get complacent and sometimes take shortcuts in your application of the boots. I hope these reminders will let you get the most out of your boots and enjoy your partnership with your horse.

Your Bootmeister