I just heard that the NATRC “judges committee submitted a boot rule change” at the Denver November Board meeting.  This is incredible news and is the next step in the process that will allow NATRC to use hoof boots that go above the hairline.

Easyboot Gloves in real mud
This photo shows why above the hairline hoof boots are needed in NATRC.  Above the hairline boots stay on better in these conditions and protect the horse.

AERC riders have used hoof boots that fit above the hairline side EasyCare introduced the Easyboot Epic in 2005.  Since the introduction of the Epic several other hoof boots have come to market that fit above the hairline.  The Easyboot Glove took booting to a new level in AERC for the 2009 season.  Many events were won and many more Best Condition awards were won using the new horse boot design.

Easyboot Glove protecting the barefoot hoof. 

Continue to voice your opinion to your NATRC friends and board members.  We are almost there.


  1. ECTRA has also made some changes starting in 2009. Gloves etc will be allowed when riding Pass/Fail, and in the new "Conditioning Distance" rides (I think 10-20 miles).

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