I am an Easy Boot dealer in Kremmling Colorado, so I had to try the boots for myself because my believes are that you can’t sell what you haven’t experienced yourself so I bought a pair on Old Mac’s for one of my horses that I can’t keep a shoe on because her hoof walls are to thin because before I bought her she was a race horse, so her feet were really bad when we got her. I have used the boots barrels racing, pole bending, and other speed event with great success, but the surprise was when I took her on a trail ride up on one of Colorado 14,000 foot peaks with some friends this summer and they were fantastic on all of the terrain, rocks, slopes, and everything else. She found out that she could pull herself with her front feet and not slip on the rocks with the boots. It was a differant feeling of her using her front and not her back legs to do some of the stuff that she was doing. I also do English displines with her and they are great in the arena as well.

At hunting season I used them on my 1/2 Arabian in the snow and some really rough terrain and he did really fantastic with them. The only problem that he had with them is getting them stuck in trees that were on the ground. That was it.

I have a few people that have started using them because of what I have put mine through. We are going to try to out fit all of our horses with them and we have 11 horses.

Name: Shelly Malish
City: Kremmling
State: Colorado
Country: US
Equine Discipline: Eventing
Favorite Boot: OldMacs