Lil Bit of Magic is 5 years old. She has never had a shod hoof. She just finished her first year of Limited Distance with almost a thousand training miles and two LD’s under her belt. For long slow distance we go with a bare hoof. But when training over difficult terrain, or competing we boot using Easycare’s Easyboot Gloves. We previously used the Epic, but since the release of the Easyboot Glove, no looking back…this boot is just so easy to apply and remove, and it stays on. We’ve been in unbelievable deep boot sucking mud and I’ve been astonished with how well the boots hold to the hoof. My horse and I hope to continue down the trail next year booted 4X4 with Easyboot Gloves.

Name: Jacke Reynolds
City: Osgood
State: IN
Country: USA
EquineDiscipline: Endurance
FavoriteBoot: EasybootGlove