Well it’s about that time again, and I am starting to panic about the “to-do” list that needs to get done before we leave for Bandit Springs on Thursday morning. Bandit Springs is top three on my list of most favorite endurance rides. I love the ridecamp, the trails and the atmosphere. It’s a big ride and is managed extremely well. I always look forward to going into the Ochoco National Forest for this ride!

Despite the ridiculous amount of peer pressure and cyber-bullying that I have received about doing the 100, I have decided to “just” do the 80. Since when did 80 miles become a “just”?!?! All I know is I am *really* excited to ride my little red rocket for 80 miles. She is my absolute favorite ride, ever. Can’t wait!!

Ready to go? 

First thing on my to-do list was gluing boots. While sometimes I get a little jealous of my friends who make a quick phone call and come home to magically new pony feet, all clean and ready to go in steel shoes. But, the feeling is fleeting as I realize a) I am too much of a control freak to allow anyone to mess with my horses without me being there, and b) if I have to stand and hold horses for the farrier, I might as well do it myself and pocket the cash I would be spending on horseshoes! I would still be out an hour or so, so it really is a wash in the $ and time department. No comparison on the benefits to the horse.

All of my supplies laid out before starting…

I decided to use a different glue on process when applying my Easyboot Glue-Ons this time around. While I have been using Goober Glue exclusively for the past year, I decided to add a little Adhere to prevent the twisting that always seems to occur with Replika’s boots. While I usually mix the Goober Glue with a little water in a small bowl, this time I applied the glue directly from the gun into the boot. I left a little space at the top of the boot, where I applied the Adhere. I did my regular method of twisting the boot upon placing it on the foot, but instead of setting the foot down, I held it up while the Adhere cured. I think it worked pretty well!!!

After the Adhere cured, I put the foot down and went about gluing the other boots. The process took about 30 minutes, and then I let her stand and eat for another hour while I did some chores. An hour later I checked boots and none were twisted and they seemed very secure. Out she went and fingers crossed!

After gluing. I actually did pretty well today not making a humungo mess. I didn’t even get glue all over her chrome!


Finished job. Look how tidy!!

I am sorry about the lack of pictures, it’s really hard to do everything and try and get pictures, by yourself, without ruing your phone in the process!!

Stay tuned for next week, hopefully it’s a successful update!! I also want to wish everyone who is heading over to Big Horn and other endurance rides this weekend! I will for sure be thinking about everyone.

Happy riding everyone!

~ Amanda Washington
SW Idaho