Submitted by Stacey Maloney, Team Easyboot 2012 Member

Boomer belongs to a friend of mine. She spent four months in the fall of 2010 at my house, terrorizing my herd; or perhaps my herd was terrorizing her.

At that time Boomer was a barely handled fat two-year old who had been living with some elderly horses who had allowed her to run the show. At the time Boomer came into Vicki’s life, she desperately needed to learn manners and the proper way to interact with both horses and humans.

In the past year and a half, Boomer has blossomed into a well behaved, good looking four year-old ready to start her career. Vicki trims her own horses and has kept Boomer barefoot since they’ve been together.

Up until this point Boomer has had a pretty cushy life; playing around with ground work and learning to behave under saddle. But the time has come for the real work to begin. She may not know it yet but Boomer is Vicki’s new Competitive Trail Horse.

Therefore, it is time to get Boomer her first pair of Easyboots. Vicki prefers the Easyboot Epics for their ease of use, flexibility in fit throughout the trim cycle, and their miles and miles of reliability.

Lucky for Vicki, I own too many horses and not one of them has the same size of foot, so I have a variety of sized boots hanging around; the next best thing to having my own Fit Kit.

Boomer measured out to be a Size 1 Easyboot Epics in the front and a Size 0 in the back. Once we had the Size 0 on the back it was evident they were still a bit too big. We didn’t have a smaller size to try on her backs so in the end she only got booted in the front and Boomer seemed quite pleased with herself.

She moved out freely and really stretched her legs. I think these boots were made for this horse. She was instantly comfortable in them and put up no fuss at all. It as if she’d been wearing them her whole life.

Boomer is now all set to go so be sure to watch for these ladies out on Alberta’s Competitive Trail circuit this summer. These boots are going to see some hard miles.

Stacey Maloney