I recently spent a rainy afternoon cleaning and organizing my “office” with some great tips from my fellow Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP). All of this mess was crammed into my SUV and I was always searching for the right size among many shipping boxes and containers. There has to be a better way…

Of course I had “helpers”.

My mom also helped by marking the bottom of the boots for me with a painters pen.

The blue bin pictured below holds the Easyboot Trail. This is three boots deep, that is a lot of boots in one bin and the problem of the container being a rectangle is gone.

I was able to make pairs by crossing the Velcro on the back of the boots.

The stack of drawers (glued together so they stay stacked) holds the Easyboot Glove in three drawers (cardboard can be inserted between rows if desired). I took duct tape and put the sizes on the outside of each bin. Each row represents one size, three sizes per drawer until I got to the 2.0 and 2.5, that one only has two rows.

The green bin holds a mix of Easyboot Rx, a few pairs of Easyboot Epics, and a few pairs of Easyboot Back Country. My main seller is the Easyboot Glove and I have been selling four at a time lately, so I run out of key sizes quickly. I use the second drawer from the top for my pricing sheets, California Trace and Easyboot brochures, invoice books, business cards and anything that I want to stay clean and dry (if that is possible) I still have a few cardboard boxes for the messy stuff, thrush treatments and my gloves etc. Between the containers are a few of the EasyCare bags that hold my Fit Kits.

I think I shall get another set of shelves and ditch the two bins and the black bag on the left that holds EasyCare accessories; pads, power straps, gaiters. Boxes of California Trace supplements are on the other side of this “wall of boots” and keep everything from shifting forward. Last but not least, I created an inventory sheet that I hope to keep up to date! What tips and tricks do you have to stay organized while on the go?

Amy Allen, Amy Allen Horsemanship