The Boa Horse Boot helped Sue the mule do a Back Country Horseman work party on the Pacific Crest Trail!

My good friend Beau LaCrosse wanted to join the Enumclaw Trail Riders of Back Country Horseman of Washington State for a work party. Our BCH chapter’s Trail Boss, Tom Saunders, needed help with hauling gravel to a 75 foot turnpike on the Pacific Crest Trail out of Government Meadows Horse Camp.

Beau’s mule, Sue, had white line disease on one of her front hooves and was favoring it. Beau had contacted me asking for suggestions on treatment. Since I am unfamiliar with white line disease, I e-mailed my trimmer friends, who are also EasyCare dealers. I asked for advice on the best way to treat the hoof. It was a lot of fun as they each shared their most successful treatment plans. The various treatment plans were shared amonst the group and we all learned new plans and tips. Beau was very thankful for the input. Although, Sue’s hoof was now on the road to recovery, she was still tender when worked.

Since Beau wanted to join the work party, he asked for advice on hoof boots.I love a good challenge but how does one find boots in a hurry to fit on mule’s hooves? Thankfully, my EasyCare dealer friend, Nancy, at Plateau Vet Supply, had a pair of Boa Horse Boots in stock. Sue seemed to really like her new boots as she walked out across the gravel parking lot towards the trail head. Sue was the important lead animal that day in the mixed string of mules and horses that packed 20 loads of gravel. We made quick work graveling the turnpike and then enjoyed a good lunch together. Food always seems to taste better after some hard work up on the Pacific Crest Trail amongst friends and good animals.

Beau and a happy Sue with her Boa boots on, leading the pack string.

Waiting to be reloaded with the buckets of gravel.

Joey and Chris hard at work filling the buckets.

 Beau taking the gravel to the turnpike we were working on.

Almost done, dumping the last buckets of gravel onto the turnpike.

Beau then took a happily booted Sue to the driving clinic the next week, after the Boa boots passed the test during the work party.

I always enjoy helping out at our Back Country Horseman work parties. To be able to give back to the trails that I enjoy riding on. I would encourage everyone to consider helping out to maintain our trails. It is always a lot of fun!!!

Martha Nicholas