Don’t you just love your EasyCare Boa hoof boots? The Boa boot is one of EasyCare’s easiest boots to put on and take off and is a great boot for light trail riding. I have some tips below to help keep your Boa boots in tip top shape.

  • If your laces on the boots seem like they won’t hold tension, more than likely it is just a new knob that you need and not a whole new dial. Just give EasyCare a call and we can get a new knob in the mail to you.
  • Treat the upper part of your Boa’s just like you do leather. A leather conditioner will keep them supple and a cleaner to remove dirt and debris will increase the life of your boots.
  • Need more traction? Our boot studs can easily be installed to provide traction on ice, mud or turf.
  • If your gaiters have worn out but your boots still have plenty of life left you can purchase a new pair from EasyCare.
  • Gold Bond powder is helpful for getting the boots on and off and also helps clear up thrush.
  • Many people have a difficult time determining if the Boa Front Shield Cap is tight. If the cap is not tight it can come off. When tightened properly the cap will stay in place and protect the Boa Dial and Boa Closure System. Here is a quick and easy way to install the cap:
1.  Start with the cap showing the "BOA" lettering straight up and down or perpendicular to the ground.  The cap will actually only go on in this position.
2.  Twist the cap clockwise. You will hear a series of clicks and the cap will be in the tightest position when the "BOA" lettering is straight or parrallel to the ground.

For more great tips and videos of how to replace your Boa laces please visit the Boa Boot page on our website.

Shari Murray


Customer Service

If you call the customer service help desk, you’ll probably get me on the phone! I process repairs, returns, credits and exchanges that come into EasyCare.