Max is a ten year-old half Percheron who has had problems with redevelopment of an abscess. The use of the Boa Boots have made it possible for him to be out in the pasture instead of cooped up in the stall. Since his surgery, the boots have been great for being able to change the dressings daily, monitor healing, and to keep him moving around which is good for the circulation in the foot and promote healing.

I have saved a ton of money in not having to put special shoes on him through out all this. It has been over a year of dealing with his recurring abscess. His feet are growing quickly and he gets trimmed every four weeks. Can you imagine the cost in resetting a shoe every four weeks?

I am greatful for the Boa Boots which he wears 24/7. Believe it or not, they are still holding up. I have had to replace the cable and caps as he tends to over reach and step it off at times. I have painted them blaze orange so I can find them in the field. My only suggestion: blaze orange as an option.

Thank you EasyCare.


Name: Julie Heyrman-Compernolle
City: Richfield, Wisconsin, USA
Equine Discipline: Rehabilitation
Favorite Boot: Boa Horse Boot