California EasyShoe Clinics in March

Have you heard the news? Daisy Haven Farm will be offering five EasyShoe clinics across the US. Each 2 1/2 day clinic schedule starts on Friday evening and will focus on hoof anatomy, background on the EasyShoe and hands-on application techniques of all four shoe models. Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot today. Participants may sign up using this on-line form: EasyShoe Clinic Registration. Please contact Daisy Bicking with any questions at Next month we are holding two EasyShoe clinic in California:
March 7-9th in Plymouth, CA
Host: Bob Smith
Facility: Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School
5225 Carbondale Road, Plymouth, CA 95669
March 14-16th in San Diego, CA
Host: Shannon Peters
Facility: Arroyo Del Mar
7070 Black Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 92130
Friday Agenda
4:30 PM: Registration and Dinner
5 PM-9 PM: Anatomy Presentation and Dissection
• Overview of the weekend.
• Presentation on hoof anatomy and terms.
• Dissection by Paige Poss in conjunction with x-ray comparison of anatomy.
Saturday Agenda 
8:30 AM: Breakfast and review of previous day, Q & A
9 AM-5 PM: Cadaver Work
• Demonstration of hoof trim and prep for glue.
• Participant hands-on hoof mapping and trimming using x-ray: reliably finding the external landmarks related to internal anatomy.
• Shoe fit and preparation for glue.
• Lunch offered during review of the morning work, continue work after lunch.
• Demonstration of shoe application.
• Wrap-up Q&A at end of day.
Sunday Agenda
8:30 AM: Breakfast and review of previous day, Q & A
9 AM-5 PM: Glue-On Shoe Day
• Participants hands on final hoof prep and glue on shoes, working as teams to watch and assist each other.
• Lunch offered during review of the morning work, continue work after lunch.
• Learn to nail offered after lunch.
• Wrap-up Q&A at end of day.
For additional information on the EasyShoe, read Garrett Ford's blog, Launching the New EasyShoe, and Kevin Myers' blog, Eight Things Everyone Should Know About the New EasyShoe. Additional clinics will be held at the following locations:
May 16-18th in Charlotte, NC
Host: Bryan Baire
Facility: Location TBD
Charlotte, NC 
June 13-15th in College Station, TX
Host: Dr. David Hood
Facility: TBD
College Station, TX
July 11-13th in South Lyon, MI
Host: Brian Smigielski
Facility: Gaited Acres Farm
6175 Mae Lane, South Lyon, MI

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Alayna Wiley, Marketing and Sales

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I assist the marketing and sales departments at EasyCare with a special interest in hoof care practitioner and veterinarian dealer accounts. My horses have been barefoot and booted since 2003.


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