Why Everyone Should Have Transitions

It's no secret. I have been head-over-heels in Glove Love for a long dang time. Easyboot Gloves have rocked my world and have totally bridged the gap between struggling to get things done with a different brand of boots and pounding out the miles with no worries. Gloves have become such a normal part of my horse life that I can't imagine doing the sport of endurance without them. I fit my horse, I make whatever necessary adjustments for optimal fit (powerstraps, tape, or nothing), slap them on and off we go. 

Topper rockin' his Gloves at the Pink Flamingo Classic 50.

I was enamored with the EasyShoes when they first came out and have fit them into my hoof-keeping program as necessary. Thus far, I've used several sets of EasyShoes on three different horses when needing to grow some foot. The horses love them and grow foot they do! That said, I still prefer keeping my horses barefoot when not in work and booting as necessary for work. 

A little EasyShoe action

Other models of boots have caught my eye, but I can honestly say I never paid them any mind. Why would I mess around with a different boot when I have my Glove affair all figured out? Last year, my husband sought out a different option for his clients with laminitic and very sore-footed horses than the very expensive alternative he previously recommended. He set out on a morning appointment with a pair of Transitions in hand, for a very sore drafty little pony. The pony improved immediately and the owner happily bought a pair to have on hand. A few sore-footed horses who immediately improved with Transitions later, I decided I needed to see what these were all about on my own horses. I never expected to love these things, guys. They are a little bulky. A little heavy. And a little tough to put on. But oh my oh my there is something majikhal in the sole padding.

Some therapy after a lot of sole exfoliation and a rock bruise. Duct tape prevents naughty geldings from removing the straps in attempts to be helpful 

What could I possibly use these for on my sound and athletic horses, you may ask. Let me count the ways. 

1. Did ya let your horse go a little too long between trims and have to trim a bit more aggressively than normal? A day or two in these bad boys and it seems like all residual foot soreness from a recent trim disappears. 

2. Have you accidentally left a pony out on lush spring grass for a little too long? Did the glutton get out and help himself to a few extra pounds of grain? While either incident can be serious, hopefully the worst of it is a bit of soreness and a guilty looking pony. Again, a few days in your Transitions and good as new. If the damage is worse than that, or you're dealing with a chronically footsore or laminitic horse, the Transitions can be used on a longer-term basis with proper management such as checking daily for debris and rubs and treated with thrush medication if necessary. 

3. Ridecamp in the rocks? Slap a set of Transitions on your pony the night before the race if you aren't inclined to boot up all race ready the night before. I recently did this the night before my mare's first 50 mile ride and was happy to let her chill in a looser fitting boot with cushy padding the night before the ride. 

4. Medicine boots. Transitions can easily be used as a medicine boot when dealing with an abscess or injury to the hoof that may require packing, medicating and covering to keep clean and protected while healing. The Transitions are a great option for keeping dressings clean and offer the horse some seriously cushioned relief and support to the affected foot, as well as the opposite limb that may be doing a bit of double-duty while the horse recovers. 

5. Transitioning! We all have transitioned horses from shod to barefoot/booted, from improperly to properly trimmed, and from poor, shelly, crumbly hooves to rock-crunching beauties. Unfortunately a transition can sometimes include soreness anywhere from mild discomfort to pretty dang lame. While there are other options such as gluing on shells or using EasyShoes, sometimes all the horse needs is a little help here and there to get over the hump. Transitions are a great option to use as needed, and their forgiving sizing seems to accommodate a variety of hoof sizes. 

I certainly won't be without a pair in my barn! Have you found any different uses for the Easyboot Transition?

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