EasyShoe Clinic: Be There!

Shoeing the FEI Dressage Horse & Advanced EasyShoe Application Clinic.

EasyCare is very excited to announce an EasyShoe clinic opportunity with Ernest Woodward and Pete Van Rossum. This will be a 2 part clinic in St. Joseph, Michigan on September 18th & 19th at the Concord Ridge Equestrian Center.

This event has been approved for 16 American & Canadian Associations of Professional Farriers (AAPF/CAPF) Continuing Education Credits. For more information visit their website - www.ProfessionalFarriers.com


Sept. 18th - Shoeing the FEI Dressage Horse with Ernest Woodward - Focusing on the Details.
- Shoeing techniques and mechanics.
- Discussion of forming the team required for the upper level horse.
- Dissection with Paige Poss of the Proximal Structures of the Distal Limb.
** This will be kept as a small group. Confirmation of attendance is required. Attendance of previous clinic is highly recommended.

Sept. 19th - Advanced EasyShoe Application, and introduction to EasyShoe products - Pete Van Rossum and Ernest Woodward
- Hoof Capsule Dissection with Paige Poss.
- Overview of current and upcoming EasyShoe models
- Modification of EasyShoes for particular sport or need.
- Simple and Advanced Application Techniques
- Hands on experience as available.
- We have been generously sponsored for this portion of the clinic, so attendance if free!!

*** This is open to everyone. RSVP is appreciated and encouraged, but drop in auditors are always welcome. 
*** If you have a horse you are having trouble with application or wish to try these products on, please contact us and we will try to accommodate if space is available.

Please contact Ernest Woodward at ewshoe@me.com or via Facebook for details and registration

You can reach Ernest via Facebook or at ewshoe@me.com for everything related to the EasyShoe portion.
And you can reach Lisa for performance horse segment at loles@concordhorses.com or visit http://www.concordhorses.com

Ernest and Pete are working on additional EasyShoe clinic dates so stay tuned. Please contact Debbie Schwiebert to be included on the list of those interested in future dates.

dschwiebert@easycareinc.com or 800-447-8836 x 2224


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