Our good friend Ron and his horse Sundance perform at various events in the area where he lives in Ogden, Utah. Sundance has charmed many a person – adults and children alike. Sundance and Ron perform at many of the big festivals and holiday parades and Sundance is always adorned with his Easyboot Gloves. His colors contain purple, so he has purple Power Straps on his Glove boots for more stability and a snug fit. Ron always fields many questions about those things on Sundance’s feet. Below, Ron shares a recent experience with the Easyboot Gloves.

“I am sending you a picture of Sundance wearing his front Glove Wide hoof boots with purple power straps as he performs for some bicycle manufacturing company CEO’s from Taiwan. Thirty CEO’s were in Ogden this week for a bicycle tour of the city, the nearby mountains and other scenic  parts of Northern and Southern Utah to see if Ogden would be the ideal location to expand their companies. Ogden is already the home of many national ski companies. 80% of all bicycles worldwide are now made in Taiwan. Everyone wanted to have their picture taken standing next to their bike and Sundance. I also gave them some of Sundance’s trading cards. Sundance’s rear hooves slipped on some slick floor tile at the entrance of the nearby Hilton hotel, but his front hooves had Glove boots and didn’t slip at all.

Your friends,
Ron and Sundance”

Sundance showing off his Easyboot Gloves.

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Nancy Fredrick

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