When my husband broke his back in a non-horse related accident, it became apparent that endurance and Arabs were no longer a part of his future. Everybody told us to get a gaited horse. So we did. Through a long and circuitous route, we hooked up with, Howard, good ol’ boy walking horse trainer from Kentucky. Oh my Lord. He was quite the salesman and we ended up with Big Red, a 16 hh walker off the show circuit.

Big, big, big Red.

Red came to us with feet about 8″ long and in weighted shoes. Now ol’ Howard told me “Now Ann, don’t try to make this horse into an A-rab. He won’t be able to gait without these shoes.” Of course, Howard wasn’t out of the driveway before I had those shoes off and began the year long transition to barefoot and booted. Fast-forward to now: Red wears Gloves on the front now and no one can keep up with his fabulous gait.

Don’t let anyone tell you that gaited horses have to have those horrible shoes to perform their gait. He might not win the Celebration but he’s extremely happy and forward. And husband is back in the saddle and I’m busy transitioning my second walker with the help of the new Glove Back Country boots.

Thank you Easyboot!!

Name: Ann Blankenship
City: Greenwood, California, USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove